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Clothing Alterations and Repairs in Holland Park, London

Many years ago, it was commonplace to mend holes, sew on patches and stitch up fallen hems at home. However, with the introduction of fast fashion, people would rather throw away their cheap clothes and buy new ones than repair them if they got damaged.

This has led to a couple of generations without the skills or know-how to fix their clothes. Sewing machines and sewing boxes used to be commonplace in British homes but are increasingly rare these days.

People are also busier than ever and have little time to dedicate to taking care of their clothes. This is why the American Dry Cleaning Company started to offer more care and repair services alongside our environmentally-friendly dry cleaning services. 

Clothing repairs and alterations

Our dedicated clothing repair, alterations and tailoring team in Holland Park are here for you when you need help fixing holes, rips, split seams and fallen hems in your clothing.

People are now becoming more conscientious about the clothes they buy. They now want to buy fewer clothes but want them made from quality fabrics that will last longer and not fade or fall apart after a few washes.

This is great for the environment as less throw-away clothing is now being sent to the landfill. However, keeping your clothes for longer now means taking care of them in a way that people haven’t done in a very long time.

We are talking about repairing holes, split seams and ripped pockets, sleeves and linings instead of throwing away a garment when it gets damaged. If you have anything that needs mending, simply bring it to our team in Holland Park to fix it for you.

Making your old clothes fit again

Not only are people buying fewer clothes and thinking more about their long-term maintenance, but they are also bringing their old favourite outfits back into circulation by having them altered to fit.

Who doesn’t have a favourite outfit sitting at the back of the wardrobe that doesn’t fit, but you cannot throw out because of the memories it holds?  There is no need to abandon these beloved garments when you can have them altered to fit by our clothing alterations team in Holland Park.

If you have a denim jacket you would love to wear again; we can examine it and see if we can let out seams that are too tight or add in matching denim patches to mend holes or reinforce worn areas etc. 

We can take your measurements and discuss how many adjustments or alterations are needed to make the outfit fit you once again. Or, if you want to get really creative, we can look at ways of re-fashioning an outfit to make it fit, but also to make it look unique!

Do you want a tailor-made outfit?

Sometimes it can be an impossible challenge to find that perfect outfit in a chain store. Having an outfit tailor-made can be more cost-effective than you think!

Why not come and see our tailoring team in our Holland Park branch. You can have a chat with our team and share your ideas for your perfect outfit. It could be anything from a bespoke work suit, a stunning prom dress or even the foundation items of your capsule wardrobe. 

You can find our friendly team at 92 Holland Park Avenue. If you have anything to mend or alter, why not drop it off when you next call in with your dry cleaning!

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