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Designing the Perfect Bedroom for a Senior Loved One

A lot of seniors spend a significant amount of time in their bedrooms. Because of this, it should be comfortable and pleasing to be in for these extended periods. When designed with care, it can be the perfect space for them to spend their time. Designing their bedroom might require some modifications and some additions, too.

Consider Their Safety

Safety should be the first consideration when designing a bedroom for a senior loved one. Because of its importance in the bedroom, the bed is the first thing to look at. It should be at the right height so a loved one can get in and out without risking falling. You can also shop for a bed with adjustable height so they can pick the height that appeals to them most.

Another safety consideration is whether the bed provides enough fall protection when asleep. A bed with side rails can help eliminate this safety issue. You can choose one with rails on one or both sides from, where you can also find nursing beds with different features that will keep your loved one safe.

Other safety considerations include covering slipping hazards, such as tiles with anti-slip mats or carpets. Removing excessive furniture and ensuring walking paths remain clear can also keep a loved one safe.

Ensure Enough Light

In some cases, keeping the bedroom clean, spacious and clear is not enough to keep your loved one safe; the bedroom should also be well-lit. A well-lit bedroom is crucial for loved ones with low vision.

A well-lit bedroom also looks better and can even make the loved one appreciate other design considerations, such as the wallpaper you have chosen for the walls and ceiling or the decor and furniture you have picked.

Apart from natural light, you also need to consider artificial light and how it impacts safety. Touch-activated lamps and switches can prevent them from stumbling in the dark while looking for a switch, making the bedroom safer at night.

You can also consider motion-sensing lights under the bed that illuminate when they get out of bed, ensuring they always see where they are stepping.

Handle the Small Things

Sometimes we do not consider how the things we take for granted and find easy to do could be difficult for seniors with medical conditions such as arthritis. You should consider these small details and how they impact your loved one’s life.

For example, they might not be able to turn a doorknob, but they may be able to push a lever to open a door. Handles, curtains, and drapes that are easy to open will also make their lives much easier.

Consider Using Smart Technology

Smart technology and automation can help with things like opening and closing the curtains at specific times, allowing them to control things in the bedroom or even making it easier to contact someone if they need to.

Because they spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, it is a good idea to ensure that it is comfortable and functional for the senior in your life. Creating the perfect bedroom for them entails decorating it to make it appealing, ensuring it is safe, and providing conveniences for your loved one.

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