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Express yourself through fashion and Designs !! 

Fashion is an art and it is expressive. Our clothing style has a major effect on our behavior and on our level of confidence. Not always verbally but our fashion sense and our clothing can convey a part of our personality. The dresses we wear show our choice and our personality for that reason when we select outfits we should be very conscious of what we are choosing. When we wear something we love or we feel we are looking good or feel very comfortable that boosts our level of confidence. Our clothes speak a lot about the person we are; when we wear an outfit that should convey a message to society. The fashion designer course is mandatory, and the fashion institutes provide their students with in-depth design knowledge and career certificates. 

People used to express themselves through clothes and style in earlier times as well. In past years people couldn’t always able to wear outfits of their own choice as society was much more rigid and orthodox in terms of clothes and fashion. Nowadays people have become more liberal in terms of fashion and style. Fashion is about making a strong statement; gender role has been a major factor in fashion in past decades. Back in the ancient days’ many people could not dress themselves according to their preferences but now people are free to wear anything they like. Gender doesn’t decide what a person will wear. If a boy wants can wear a skirt he can wear it without any hesitation. Someone’s gender cannot decide one’s dressing sense. 

Just like our fashion sense determine our personality, the decoration, and arrangement of things in our house shows our inner self. Entrance to our home is very vital it is something guests notice about us. People nowadays now often, decorate the outside of the home very neatly. When the outside of your house is decorated it gives a good impression to your neighbors about you. Colours are a very pivotal factor in deciding our nature and personality. So, one needs to be very careful while selecting colours for one’s room, as it gives an impression on one’s mind. When we use small furniture in our house, a room looks quite bigger than in reality. 

Interior designing course in Kolkata, like INIFD Saltlake trains their students and provide the best academic knowledge and in-depth design knowledge. A person’s choice is visible in their house decoration. If someone loves classical music or dance, they can easily set up a corner in their house that would be decorated in such a way that preference would be visible. As nuclear families are becoming common these days decorating a house is becoming easier. The young generation nowadays is becoming more open and free-minded in expressing themselves through both interior design and fashion. If we follow someone we can much easily know their inner self. A person’s class, taste, and profession everything is visible in their interior decorations as both clothing and the interior of a house have the touch of their owner. 


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