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Fashion Choices and the Practical Plus Size Clothing Choices

Crop tops, jeans shorts and short dresses, all very nice, but not everyone feels their best in this. Is that bad? Not at all. Because the most important clothing advice we can give you: wear what you feel comfortable in. And if you feel good in something that suits your body best, then you’ve come to the right place. Curvy Wholesale Clothing Tips:


Dark colors allow you to obscure a body part, while light clothing emphasizes it more. Are you proud of your bosom? A top or blouse with a print draws all the attention to the top. Do you have beautiful legs? You will steal the show in light pants or a shorter skirt.

Print: A Top with Stripes

Very nice, but horizontal stripes make you look a bit wider. Vertical stripes therefore work to your advantage when you want to appear taller or slimmer. It is also good to take the size of the print into account: if you are small in size, choose a subtle print. Are you tall or wider built? Then a larger print will look good on you.

The Right Size

As logical as it may sound, buy clothes and lingerie that fit well. No one is happy, or prettier, from constricting clothes or underwear whatever your size may be. Don’t focus on what you can’t wear, but continue your search for the perfect piece of clothing.

A Little Naked Is Okay

Shine in a top with a three-quarter sleeve or V-neck. In this way you ‘break’ your outfit, as it were, and prevent you from looking massive. And for the real daredevils among us, transparency can also be very nice. For Wholesale Plus Size Clothing this is important.

The Right Materials

Choose materials that flatter your figure. For example, if you have fuller legs and hips, it’s smart to focus on pants with a material that makes them look good. Tight and shiny fabrics are usually not so useful. Rather opt for sturdy materials.


If you are looking for a skirt or dress, it is best to choose an A-line. This emphasizes your waist. A pencil skirt is often tight and therefore draws the attention to your legs. Do you really want a tight skirt?


Trousers with a good fit in a dark color are a real must for the plump woman. Be careful with leggings. These can be very unflattering. We recommend a good skinny in a dark color. You can combine this with a loose-fitting top, to bring your figure into balance.

As Long As Your Hair Is Right

With a beautiful haircut and neat make-up, you radiate that you spend time on yourself and therefore care about yourself. Emphasize the strong sides of your face. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the rain of compliments.


Beautiful, statement accessories not only make your wardrobe more versatile, but also always fit. All in all it is a good investment. So live it up. Another tip: a large handbag completes your outfit.

Make the Tailor Your Best Friend

The tailor is your best friend: an item that doesn’t fit properly isn’t a no-go. You can remedy this by changing your clothes a bit here and there.

And last but not least: confidence is the most important thing. You are beautiful own it.

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