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Four versatile outfits to wear this spring season

With less than two weeks left of winter, spring will soon be here, together with sunny days, blossoming flowers, and, of course, new trends. If you don’t want to find yourself in the position of having nothing to wear despite your wardrobe being full of clothes, here are four outfits you can put together for the upcoming season.

Sweater and trousers

Let’s begin with a classic set: sweater and trousers. It’s important to focus more on the clothing’s design in this case, as such a simple outfit can only look good if it’s styled correctly. Instead of the dull skinny jeans, wear a pair of colorful wide-leg wool trousers that will highlight your waist and make your legs look longer, and wear them with a neutral-colored crew neck sweater.  Combine this outfit with some pumps and a little purse for a fashionable and comfy look. If you have to comply with a stringent dress code at work or school, just replace the colorful pants with a pair of black ones to create a stylish ensemble.

Sweater, trousers, and cardigan

For an additional splash of color and style, add a chunky cardigan to the previous outfit. A bright green or red cardigan worn over a classic, monochrome outfit will make it look more interesting while keeping you warm. Such a garment is a great replacement for a jacket for the early March days when you’re freezing in the morning and getting too hot by midday. Wear a wide belt over the cardigan to create an hourglass shape and make you seem feminine and sophisticated.

Irish sweater and skirt

An Irish is a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe, whether you’re a teenage girl or a grandpa in his seventies. This piece is so versatile and comfy that it’s ideal for days when you don’t feel like putting together a classy ensemble. Irish ladies wool sweaters as these ones paired with a red plaid skirt can recreate Rachel Green’s famous ensemble from Friends for everyday wear. Such attire would look great with a trench coat and some high heels for a night out, but if you wear it with a pair of white sneakers and a short leather jacket, it would be perfect for a walk in the park.


Spring is all about sunny days, short skirts, and floral dresses, so it would be a crime not to include them in this thread. A beautiful dress is already an outfit, but regardless of how perfect it is, it can sometimes look flat and boring without the right accessories, shoes, and accent pieces. This is why it is so important to stylize the garment and to experiment with different designs, styles, and patterns. For example, a satin black dress with thin stripes is obviously perfect to go to the club or a restaurant, but it can also be worn at the office if you’re going to wear it with a thin white or beige turtleneck underneath and a blazer over.

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