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Here is the list of footwear that rules in rainy weather


Rainy season comes with its own perks and cons. On the one hand, when you want to enjoy the soothing climate, you are restricted. On the other hand, when it comes to the selection of footwear, you are left with a few options like the classic crocs or sandals. However, I don’t want people to think they are left with few options to choose from, so here is my personal list of footwear and shop for crocs, too, as they will never disappoint you for dressing up in monsoon. This footwear will not just be functional but also have the styling element you need to pair with any outfit of your choice.

Platform Sandals: For more than a year, platform shoes have been trending in the market. Having some heels added to your rainy footwear might as well be the best idea for women. These sandals have an elevated and chunky sole, unlike the crocs shoes, which gives them an elegant touch. As heels give a taller structure to your body, changing the overall look, you should definitely consider buying them. So naturally, the platform sandals become the best choice of footwear to look fabulous in any outfit. 

Crocs: Crocs are everyone’s favourite casual footwear and are very much essential for rainy weather. Crocs give you additional comfort while working as a functional footwear option. The main advantage you have with crocs is that your feet are covered from the start, and it protects you from the muddy water and rain. You can easily shop for crocs online and get many options in colours to get your perfect pair. Many college kids stick to crocs as their footwear option for any season because they make the whole outfit look very funky and stylish.

Combat Boots: These are ankle-length waterproof boots that look stylish but are very helpful in the monsoon. These boots have waterproof finish outside and they also have warm insulation inside to protect your feet from getting cold. Some of the new types of combat boots have a block heel to give them a more stylish appearance. 

Rubber Loafers: The rubber loafers are an excellent alternative for any type of formal shoes that you can pair easily for any smart casual look. They have a comfort level similar to that of crocs, but they fall under a more formal category for footwear. You get different styles in them along with a variety of textures in the material. These are very durable shoes, just like the classic crocs and can last for a few years if handled with care. 

Slippers: Slippers have always been the season-friendly option, whether it is summer or monsoon. They have a rubber sole, giving you a good grip when walking on slippery surfaces. The main advantage is that the water that drips on your feet while walking in the rain dries out quickly. In addition, these are travel friendly and can be adjusted in any luggage bag. The only negative effect it has on people is that it doesn’t cover your feet the way crocs or shoes do, so your feet get dirty with mud. 


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