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How To Attach Invisible Round Magnetic Snaps Bulk

An invisible round magnetic snaps bulk stitch that does not look good to use if you want to close the bag is always flat or you do not want a visible gap. These types of magnetic snaps are small, magnetic forces enclosed in a plastic box. They are usually sewn into a bag between the lining and the outer fabric and can be used as a cover for any type of bag, with or without a flap.

In this example, the bag has an asymmetrical curve at the top and in order for the curved sides to close properly and look good, the front and back sections need a collision.

Paste invisible round Magnetic snaps bulk abbreviations

Using a regular magnetic snap will leave a small gap between the front and back parts of the bag that look strange. By using invisible round magnetic snaps bulk stitches, the front and back parts close tightly without a gap.

Easy to install

It is very easy to install invisible round magnetic snaps sewing knots. The plastic bag allows you to easily place and sew magnets on your project. In this bag I used the Peltex heavyweight stabilizer as an under-structure, and sewed two magnetic shortcuts along the top edge of the stabilizer, inside the front section; one at the end.

Two more snaps were sewn inside the back section. If you attach these strings to other types of bags and bags where you do not have a solid support, you can usually sew the shorts into a small piece of stamp or a piece that is slightly larger than the snap bag to support, and then sew. They are directly aligned with the membrane, interlining, or inside the bag.

The simple zigzag stitching provides extra protection so that the snaps are not uncomfortable.

After the snaps are sewn into place, the membrane is then placed over the shortcuts and not visible at all without slight friction at the top.

Once the snaps are sewn into place, another bag can be emptied. Now the front and back of the bag just close – it’s so beautiful – and invisible!

Know the advantages of buying invisible round magnetic snaps bulk

Bulk purchase is probably cheaper per unit. This is a huge benefit to buying in bulk. When you buy an item in bulk, you are likely to save money on each use of that product. This may be a little different for each use – maybe just a few pens – but if it is something you use regularly, those pennies increase rapidly. If you save 10 cents on something you use every day, that’s $ 36.50 a year savings.


Bulk buying is natural. Bulk purchases have very little packaging per use than small purchases. Jumbo packets for toilet paper, for example, are covered with a single layer of plastic wrap, while small packets have a few rolls covered with plastic. A large laundry jar holds more containers in a plastic container than small containers.

Run out of products

Buying in bulk means that you do not usually run out of products. This makes it less likely that you will need to take an unexpected trip to the store, which is often a source of additional unexpected purchases.

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