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How To Choose the Perfect Promise Ring Within Your Budget

How many ways can you profess your admiration to your partner? There are many ways to make promises, but only one way to honor them is by keeping your word. Whether platonic or romantic, relationships are like precious stones that need time and attention. That’s why promise rings have become a symbol of such dedication. The idea of rings bearing the mark of eternity dates back to ancient Egypt. The circular shape suggested protection. Even in ancient Rome, brides received an iron ring in the waiting period before their marriage. This tradition became popular in 16th century England, where rings engraved with poetry called poesy rings became instrumental to romance and wooing.

If you’ve been taken by the same spirit of chivalry and romance, this article covers all your bases. This is a guide to finding the most meaningful promise ring that not only fits your budget but wins your partner’s heart.

1. Fix a realistic budget

Strange fits of passion and love can certainly make you reach for more than what you can actually afford at the moment. But it’s important to reign yourself in and set an actionable budget based on your financial circumstances. Promise rings come in a wide price range, so there’s a high chance that no matter how small or big your budget is, there’s something ideal for you.

Purchasing a promise ring for her should be made with the generosity permitted by your means. Having a range for yourself can help you streamline the best options for material, stores, design, etc.

2. Pick a design

The construction of the ring is a major determinant of how much it costs. More intricate and detailed designs are generally priced higher than simpler ones. However, that’s not a rule. Pick a design that fits your partner’s taste. As a symbol of promise, it is crucial to pay close attention to what they prefer and what they’d be willing to wear. If they prefer bold designs and love to stand out, an iced-out, gem-heavy ring might be their taste. If they prefer sutler styles, a simple but high-quality band might be up their alley. Think about their sensory comfort and their style when determining the design.

3. Pick a material for the band

Precious metals are used to construct the bands of women’s promise rings. Gold, silver, and platinum are some of the most widely coveted choices. Sometimes, you can customize this further by picking rose gold bands or purple gold bands. The latter, however, is quite rare. The material, its purity and its rarity will play a part in determining the cost of the ring. The purer the metal, the higher it may cost.

4. Pick a gem

There are several stones and gems to choose from to adorn your ring. In some cases, you can also determine how they are spruced. For example, lab-grown diamonds can be prepared to meet your exact purity level and cost less than natural diamonds.

This is one of the best ways to cut down on diamond costs. Other stones like opal, moissanite, sapphire, and jade are also great options that come in ranges. There are several ways in which you can customize colored gems for your partner. Lab-grown colored stones are some of the most cost-effective ways to choose tones.

5. Engravings

Going by the poesy and acrostic ring tradition of the Georgian and Victorian era, you might want to add engravings to strengthen the promise of your rings. You can engrave their initials, birth year, or a unique symbol for them to cherish. While larger engravings can cost more, going for minimal but meaningful ones can lessen the costs but be just as promising!


Shopping for a promise ring for your partner is a meditative journey that can help you reflect upon your relationship and your future together. This allows you to express your affections in a tangible way that can outlast the vicissitudes of time. Buying within your budget includes paying close attention to your partner’s preferences and finding eBay ateliers and stores to fulfill your choices with available resources.

Always remember that this is an endeavor of love, and you should not stress over your budget too much! After all, it is the promise that truly matters!

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