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Know How to Style these Jackets for Men this Winter Season


Jacket season is almost here, and stores are all stocked up with various jackets. We know it becomes quite confusing for men which jacket they should buy. Or how to style it up and whether it will look good or not. We suggest you buy some versatile jackets that are always in trend, like leather jackets for men.

Do not go after different jackets if you do not want to confuse yourself. Instead, buy a few formal and casual jackets for men, and you will be sorted. We have listed some of them below and shared how you can style them up because we know that men only face the most difficulty in that.

Styling Tips for Men’s Jackets

Leather Jackets – Hot Jackets for the season

Call them a leather or biker jacket; it is up to you. But you can not deny that a winter without a leather jacket is not a good idea. Be it for keeping one warm or for making one look hot, leather jackets are what one needs. Do not go on the name, assuming that only bikers can wear them. We all know that leather jackets are versatile and good for every place and occasion. From clubs to offices, you can wear them anywhere. If you are going to a party or for a date, pair it up with a round-neck t-shirt and denim. If the weather is too cold, wear a sleek sweater inside it.

Denim Jackets – Evergreen fashion statement

Whether in Bollywood movies or Hollywood movies, denim jacket is always in trend, a jacket that was once only for hippies is now loved by all. Forget winter; men like to style them up in summer too. To style a denim jacket for men, you can wear it with a pair of jeans or joggers. If they have button openings in the front, you can wear a V-Neck or round-neck t-shirt with them. Or you can keep the buttons close and style them with a muffler around your neck. As they come among the evergreen fashion clothing, you can experiment with them easily.

Bomber Jackets – Minimal Styling

We all know the background of the bomber jacket that they have come from military clothing. Surprisingly, they are still in trend from World War II until now. If you need a jacket this winter that keeps you warm and is lightweight, too, go for bomber jackets. You will not require more layering if you buy a bomber jacket for men. Coming to the styling, you can zip it up or wear it with rugged denim. But if you do not want to put the zip, pair it up with a white tee. A bomber jacket for men also looks great with slim-fit jeans and a turtleneck.

The Bottom Line

These three above-mentioned are the most liked jackets and will never go out of trend. So now as you know how to style them up, go and get some of these casual jackets for men from JACK&JONES. They are easy to style and make you look hot and appealing.

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