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Pakistani fashion is renowned for its distinctive style


Pakistani fashion is renowned for its distinctive style, heavily in the influence of Punjabi culture and customs. Yet, Pakistani fashion has evolved to become a fashion-setter across the globe.

We’ve covered the most important aspects in Pakistani Fashion.

The full-sleeved shirts

Full-sleeved shirts are feature of Pakistani fashion. The shirts that are full-sleeved are made from silk, cotton or polyester. Women typically wear full sleeves during the winter and summer months. In summer, women can wear lightweight blouses with short sleeves or sleeves that wrap the arms. When it is wintertime, women could wear full-sleeved woolen sweaters that are made with natural fibers, such as cashmere and wool.

The greatest aspect of full-sleeved shirts is they can be worn with various types of clothes and the kurtas/tunics. You can also opt for an informal look by putting a T-shirt on top of the full-sleeve readymade Pakistani suits. You can also combine two styles and create an elegant look by wearing a stylish blouse and a long-sleeve shirt, and changing it into leggings or jeans when you return home.

Traditional Salwar Kameez 

The most significant aspect in Pakistani style is the shalwar kameez, or pajamas. It is a popular choice for men to wear however, women too wear these in Pakistan. 

The shalwar kameez consists of pants that are that are wrapped around the legs, and is then secured with a belt, or a sash that is worn around the waist. The majority of women wear shalwar kameez in two types: the fully-length and the ankle-length version. Men’s clothing can include pajama pants or shirts, jackets and coats.

Kurta Pajama

The kurta pajama is a well-loved piece of clothes in Pakistan and is worn by women and men. Kurtas are similar in style to traditional Indian Kurtas, however they are made of cotton, not silk or other costly materials. The majority of people wear them in the home or during wedding season. Kurtas are also referred to as the “turban” across North America because it covers the neck and head.

The kurta pajama is typically worn by both males and women, though some prefer wearing it on their own. It is comprised of two parts comprising a long t-shirt that covers your upper body, and an extended skirt that reaches your ankle. 

You can pick from a variety of colours for the two components of the outfit. Many different styles are readily accessible on the internet. Some prefer buying the clothes in bulk so that they can easily locate one that matches their style the best.

The origins of the kurta pajama are in the past of India in India, where it could be worn by monarchs as well as warriors. The item of clothing has gained popularity among Pakistani natives due to its ability to allow people to show their cultural identity through fashion and also protect their modesty.

Final words

Pakistani style is becoming a hit. It’s growing into a vibrant business that gives an Pakistani twist on everything from Pakistan’s traditional shalwar kameez, to more contemporary looks such as Panjabi. While you won’t observe the typical Pakistani model wearing international runway looks. 

Pakistani designers are quickly adding their own stamp to the fashion scene by introducing their own distinctive outfit styles. There’s plenty of room to grow in the fashion world and every day, a new Pakistani fashion model or designer finds her entrance onto the world scene.


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