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Ripped Jeans Fashion Ideas: What Should Women Wear With Torn Jeans?

The biggest misconception about ripped or torn jeans is that only boys can wear them. However, nowadays, most women prefer having a pair of ripped jeans in their closets.

These jeans are casual, classy, trending and easily goes with most of the outfit ideas. However, there are certain things women must wear with torn jeans.

It will help you to make your entire outfit look better. You can try different outfit ideas for different occasions. Each outfit idea is different from the other. You can wear the same jeans and try all these ideas.

These fashion ideas are inspired by the outfit of famous celebrities. You can use the same ideas or change it a bit to rock these jeans.

Ripped Jeans Fashion Ideas for Women:

If you want to wear your favourite pair of torn jeans and make them look good, you can try these outfit ideas. It will help you to keep it simple yet classy.

  • Button-Down Shirt:

The best way to wear your torn jeans is with a button-down shirt. You can wear a plain, plaid or printed shirt with your jeans. Instead of leaving the shirt out, you can tuck it in. There is no need to wear a belt. However, you can wear boots or pumps to complement the look. You can also use a bucket bag or wear shades to cover your eyes.

  • Try It With Blazer:

If you are going for a date or any other occasion, you can wear these jeans with a blazer. Ripped Jeans and a blazer is a perfect combination. You can either wear shorts or oversized blazers. However, make sure you keep the buttons open. Inside the blazer, you can wear a plain top.

  • V-Neck T-Shirts:

It is one of the most common yet trendy outfit ideas. If you want to keep it simple and casual, you can wear plain V-neck t-shirts with your jeans. You can tuck the front of the shirt into the jeans and wear boots or causal shoes on it. You can also carry a casual bag to complete the outfit.

  • Oversized Coat:

This outfit is perfect for chilly days. You can wear an oversized coat with your torn jeans. Inside the coat, you can wear a normal plain t-shirt or a sweatshirt. Instead of wearing heels, you can wear boots beneath the jeans.

  • White Ripped Jeans with Sweater:

You can also try this outfit idea. White jeans are perfect to pair up with colourful sweaters. You can wear white torn jeans, and on top of that, you can wear a loose sweater or sweatshirt. You can try dark green, grey or beige colour sweater on the jeans.

  • Spaghetti Top:

This is another outfit idea you can try. You can simply wear a spaghetti top with your torn jeans. It will give you a punk look. On top of that, you can wear sneakers and wear a beanie. You can also tie a plaid shirt on your waist to highlight your outfit.

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