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Styling Your Modern Batik Dress In 4 Ways

The vibrant and fascinating prints of batik clothing charmed individuals in and out of Singapore for many years. The piece that started as a cloth worn on historic ceremonies is currently rocked on even the most casual weekend strolls or dine outs. Some even rock a modern batik blouse, dress, or pants on formal occasions—bringing a touch of tradition and culture to events that commemorate a milestone.

However, numerous individuals hesitate to put on a batik shirt or dress from Singapore since they feel overwhelmed with its bold patterns and colours. Fortunately, they can follow these four fashion tips for styling a dress that represents the heritage of Indonesia, which is the birthplace of the batik:

1. Look For Inspiration

If you are unsure how to wear a modern batik dress or match it with your other wardrobe pieces, you could go online and search for inspiration. You could visit websites like Pinterest to see how other people rocked batik outfits and mimic what they did.

2. Dress For The Occasion

The perfect batik attire depends on where you are going and what you celebrate. While almost every batik women’s dress or shirt for a man suits any occasion, you must still be keen on styling your outfit based on the event you are attending.

3. Match Your Makeup

To complement the print of your batik dress or shirt, you could put on a full face of makeup that matches your outfit. You could use vibrant eyeshadow colours to highlight the pattern of your attire, or you could use a lipstick shade to balance it.

4. Dare To Accessorise!

You may think it is unnecessary to use accessories when wearing a modern batik dress, but many fashion experts believe otherwise. Despite the bold prints of the batik, you could still use necklaces, earrings, belts, and rings—as long as they complement your outfit.

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