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The Mommy And Me Outfits Trend, Do You Know What It’s All About?

When the doctor gives you the news you’ve been longing for and tells you, “you’re going to be a mother,” an explosion of emotions comes over you. An immense joy floods through your pores and maybe even through your tears.

If a girl is born from your womb, the universe has immediately given you the woman you will love the most in your life, the one you will take care of the most, and yes, the one you will fight with the most when she becomes a teenager. But for the moment, nothing else matters; you have the opportunity to have in your arms a little person, innocent, trusting, affectionate, and vulnerable, that will grow as the days go by, and that will give you unforgettable moments. The bond between a mother and her daughter is something special that very few people understand unless they live it. So many people will come in and out of your life, but your daughter will always be your daughter.

That’s why many moms have chosen to show their happiness on social media. Photographs of trendy mommy and me outfits invade the internet thanks to the hashtag #mommyandi or #mom&daughtergoals. And it was Hollywood celebrities who made a trend called ‘matching outfit’ fashionable, which consists of moms and daughters dressing alike. The precursor of this trend, also known as symbiotic fashion, was the American actress Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s ex-partner, who wore many of the same looks as her daughter, tiny Suri Cruise.

Since then, we have seen many celebrities wearing all kinds of clothes that are the same between mothers and daughters: complete outfits, gala dresses, shirts, shoes, or swimwear. As a result, many fashion brands started to create matching garments for mothers and daughters. It began with haute couture firms and reached affordable fashion brands for all budgets, as more and more moms are practicing this trend with their children.

It has always been widespread for little girls to take clothes from their mothers to play at being them. As a result, they feel identified with an adult reference, and now there are gala dresses, jackets, shirts, and shoes already versioned in mini key.

This trend is also gaining territory throughout the country, where for some years now, important stores have been exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of identical garments for mothers and daughters. The adult line is replicated in sizes for boys and girls. For the followers of this trend, it is a game of complicity with the little ones, a way of vindicating their union.

When buying for the little ones, choose natural fibers, such as good quality cotton, and avoid synthetic garments. So boys can wear fashionable clothes and be comfortable at the same time.

As with any trend, it is essential not to overdo it. In other words, the key is to maintain a balance and do it once in a while, not as a regular thing.

As they grow up, letting children choose their own clothes is essential for their development because they feel respected and valued, which makes them gain self-confidence and increases the confidence they feel towards their parents. In addition, by deciding on their own clothes, children develop their identity and reinforce their personality, two fundamental aspects in building their autonomy.

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