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7 Expert Travel Beauty Tips

Air travel has evolved over time. Lengthy queues, extended waits at the airport, and packed planes underscore the importance of creature comforts. Nevertheless, travel preparation commences well before the TSA checkpoint. Here are seven beauty suggestions from seasoned professionals well-versed in pre-flight body preparation, ensuring you appear and feel rejuvenated upon reaching your destination.

1. Don’t make all your beauty appointments for the day before you leave

According to Andrew Adams of Vluchten Volgen, while scheduling all your beauty appointments for the day before your departure might seem convenient, it’s not always the best idea. According to Nancy Le, the lead technician at Bliss Spa Boston, it’s essential to space them out appropriately. “Mani-pedis can be done the day before your trip, but don’t wait until the last minute for a wax. Particularly if you’re headed to a tropical destination where your freshly waxed skin might be exposed to the hot sun, it’s best to schedule the appointment 2-4 days beforehand to allow your skin time to recover before sun exposure.” Le further explains that facials should be booked a week in advance and spray tans two days before your trip, for the same reason – they require time to fully activate, ensuring your skin is at its best upon arrival at your destination.

2. Prep your skin at home as well

Nancy advocates for at-home skincare to maintain healthy skin. She suggests starting with dry brushing twice a week before your trip, using a sugar scrub on alternate days, and applying body oil each night. By prioritizing every part of your body and ensuring it’s adequately moisturized, you’ll be well-prepared for your upcoming adventure.

3. Baby Powder is your best friend

According to Sean Philips of FlightRadar Online, for hair care advice while traveling, I consulted with runway hair stylist Jana Rago, who recently opened her first salon, Jana Rago Studios in Boston. She suggests avoiding excessive reliance on dry shampoo to maintain your blowout, as it can accumulate residue on your scalp, part, and hairline, similar to hairspray buildup. Instead, she recommends carrying a travel-sized baby powder in your carry-on and applying it as you would dry shampoo.

4. Resist the urge to sleep with wet hair

While on vacation, it’s common to return to our hotels longing for a shower and bed after a day of exploration. However, it’s important to note that hair is most vulnerable when wet and strongest when dry. Sleeping with wet hair can stretch the strands, leading to breakage or weakening. Therefore, be sure to rough dry your hair for a few minutes before going to bed.

5. The hotel hair dryer can be your best friend

According to Dan Eastman of Ship Tracking, for a rapid refresh before heading out to dinner, apply a small amount of baby powder to your roots. Then, use a blow dryer with the heat setting set to cool. Dry your hair from the top, around your face, and back to the ends. This method will help distribute oils from the roots to the middle and ends of your hair, giving the hair around your face a rejuvenated appearance.

6. Men need a beauty plan too

While grooming routines may be simpler for most men, some preparation is still necessary. Schedule a haircut a week before your trip to ensure you look your best throughout your journey.

7. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

According to Ivan Wainwright of RDW Kenteken, staying hydrated is crucial during long flights. The best approach is to combat dry air from multiple angles. Consider packing eye masks to combat puffy eyes, and bring along a face mist for easy refreshing throughout the flight. Of course, it’s also essential to drink plenty of water during flights.


Proper pre-flight beauty preparation can significantly enhance your travel experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated upon arrival at your destination. By following these expert tips, including scheduling beauty appointments strategically, maintaining a consistent skincare routine, and utilizing products like baby powder for hair care, you can ensure that your journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Remember, both men and women can benefit from a thoughtful beauty plan, and prioritizing hydration is essential for combating the effects of air travel. So, whether you’re jetting off on a tropical vacation or embarking on a business trip, incorporating these beauty tips into your pre-flight routine will help you look and feel your best throughout your journey.

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