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Where to find affordable wedding photo booth rentals?

Adding a photo booth to your wedding reception is becoming an increasingly popular way to capture fun memories and provide unique mementos for your guests. 

Do your research

Google search terms like wedding photo booth rentals and browse the listings that come up, making note of the advertised prices and packages. This will give you a baseline to compare against as you seek out deals. Know your must-have features and desired rental duration so you zero in on appropriately priced options. If you don’t have your heart set on a summer or fall wedding, choosing a date in January, February or March means vendor discounts across the board. Make some inquiries and you’re likely to find photo booth companies that offer lower rates for off-season weddings. Just be mindful of unpredictable winter weather that could interfere with outdoor photo sessions.  

Search local listings sites  

Don’t just rely on the first page of Google results – take some time to dig deeper into local classifieds sections which often have wedding vendors hoping to book last-minute gigs. Sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor turn up photo booth ops willing to offer steep discounts, especially for weeknight or Sunday receptions. Browse listings in your area using keywords like “The Perfect Wedding Photo Booth discount” or “affordable photo booth rental.” Make sure to vet responses carefully by asking for references and examples of past work. This route does involve more risk than booking an established company, but major rewards if you land an upstart provider with talent to spare.

Ask about discounts 

If you have your heart set on a specific photo booth company whose standard pricing is out of reach, it never hurts to inquire about potential discounts. Ask if they offer special rates for budget-friendly packages with minimal add-ons like simple backdrops or no attendant. See if there are price breaks for ordering early, booking for 5 hours instead of 6, or holding your reception at an off-site venue. Companies looking to fill holes in their schedule cut you a deal, so don’t hesitate to negotiate. The worst they say is no.  

Tap into your network

Don’t forget to tap friends, family, and broader social networks for affordable vendor recommendations. Chances are you know someone who recently got hitched or has a small business that could use some exposure. Put out the word that you’re seeking an economic photo booth rental and watch referrals roll in. Young or aspiring photographers trying to expand their portfolios often offer discounted rates, and you discover a relative or friend-of-a-friend with photo booth equipment looking to earn extra cash. 

Use your contacts to uncover hidden gems willing to extend wedding deals. Consider pairing your photo booth rental with another element that could also work for capturing guest photos, like a vintage camper, bright red telephone booth, or Instagram-ready backdrop wall. This opens up more affordable options as you search broader categories of party prop and furniture rentals. Simply set up tablets or loaner cameras nearby to achieve a similar guest experience. This works best at more casual weddings where the whimsical and eclectic decor is already part of the vibe. 

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