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How to Differentiate Between a Real and Fake Solitaire Diamond?

If you are a newbie in diamond shopping, you might make mistake of considering other identical stones like cubic zirconia or moissanite to be diamonds. Hence, this makes it really important to know how to differentiate between a real or fake solitaires when shopping for one.

In this guide below, we will help you to identify the real diamonds from the fake ones. However, it is always advisable to consult an expert before investing your hard-earned money into one.

Water test

This is a very straightforward method to test your stones at home. For this, you will need a standard drinking glass filled with about three-quarters of water. Next, try placing the loose diamond gently into the glass. You now need to watch closely. If it is a genuine diamond, due to its high density, it will sink to the bottom. On the contrary, if it is a fake stone, it will float at the surface or underneath it.

Fog test

For conducting this particular test, try holding the diamond or the solitaire ring between your two fingers and breath a puff of air on it. A light fog is going to form on the surface of the diamond because of the heat and the moisture present in your breath. If the fog is dissipating right away, the stone is a real one. If it takes a few seconds for the fog to disperse, then it is not a stone you should look forward to.

Check the setting and mount

If the diamond is already set on a ring, then you need to look out for the setting and the mount that is used. Because if the ring has a large price tag attached to it, it will only be set on high quality jewelry. To check if the setting is truly like it is described, you can evaluate the centre of the ring for a reconfirmation.

Heat the stone

Diamonds are extremely strong and durable and are mostly unresponsive to high heat. To test its genuineness, grab a glass and fill it with cold water. Heat the stone with a lighter for about 40 seconds and then drop it directly into the cold water. If the stone gets shattered, then it is not a real one.

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